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International Mother Earth Day
International Mother Earth Day (22 April)

Mother Earth is a common expression for planet earth reflecting the interdependence existing among living species and the planet we inhabit. During the 10th anniversary commemoration of International Mother Earth Day, the 9th Interactive Dialogue of the General Assembly on Harmony with Nature will be held to discuss contributions in ensuring inclusive, equitable and quality education on taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts, and to inspire societies to reconsider how they interact with the natural world in the context of sustainable development, poverty eradication and climate justice.

English interpretation booth at a Security Council meeting.
English Language Day (23 April )

English, along with French, is one of the two working languages of the United Nations Secretariat, and one of the Organization's 6 official languages. Because it is so widely spoken, English is often referred to as a "world language", or the lingua franca of the modern era. English Language Day at the UN is celebrated on 23 April, the date traditionally observed as both the birthday and date of death of William Shakespeare. The purpose of the day is to celebrate multilingualism and cultural diversity, as well as to promote equal use of all 6 official languages throughout the Organization.

illustration of mothers on clouds
Why We Need to Talk About Losing a Baby

Around the world, women have varied access to healthcare services, and hospitals and clinics in many countries are very often under-resourced and understaffed. As varied as the experience of losing a baby may be, around the world, stigma, shame and guilt emerge as common themes. As these first-person accounts shared by the World Health Organization (WHO) show, women who lose their babies are made to feel that they should stay silent about their grief, either because miscarriage and stillbirth are still so common, or because they are perceived to be unavoidable.

In the Spotlight

Journalists Kyaw Soe Oo and Wa Lone cheering while still in handcuffs.
Journalists Kyaw Soe Oo and Wa Lone

Journalists Kyaw Soe Oo and Wa Lone (Myanmar) will share this year’s UNESCO/Guillermo Cano Press Freedom Prize, following the recommendation an international jury of media professionals. Both laureates are serving seven-year prison sentences. At the time of their arrest in Yangon on 12 December 2017, they were working for the Reuters news agency, reporting on alleged human rights violations in Myanmar’s state of Rakhine. “Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo symbolize their country’s emergence after decades of isolation,” said Wojciech Tochman, President of the Jury.

The UN System at Work

World Health Organization (WHO)

Celebrated in the last week of April, World Immunization Week aims to promote the use of vaccines to protect people of all ages against disease. Immunization saves millions of lives every year and is widely recognized as one of the world’s most successful and cost-effective health interventions. Yet, there are still nearly 20 million unvaccinated and under-vaccinated children in the world today. The theme of this year’s campaign is Protected Together: #Vaccines Work! The campaign celebrates Vaccine Heroes from around the world who help ensure we are all protected, through the power of vaccines.

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