13 March 2015
243rd Meeting (Night)

Concluding 2015 Session, Special Peacekeeping Keeping Committee Adopts Report Laying Out Proposals, Conclusions on Myriad of Issues

Concluding its 2015 session, the Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations adopted without a vote Friday evening the draft report of the session, laying out the proposals, recommendations and conclusions submitted by its Working Group of the Whole on a wide range of peacekeeping issues.

The session took place at Headquarters from 17 February to 13 March 2015.

In 309 paragraphs found in Chapter V of the report (document A/AC.121/2015/L.3) the Special Committee commented on such topics as restructuring, safety and security, conduct and discipline, strategies for complex peacekeeping operations, cooperation with police- and troop-contributing countries, cooperation with regional arrangements, enhancement of African peacekeeping capacities, best practices and training, and financial issues, among others.

Committee Rapporteur Amr Fathi Aljowaily (Egypt) introduced the report.  Committee Chair Joy Ogwu (Nigeria) made closing remarks after the action.

For information media. Not an official record.