1 October 2019

Mohammed Hussein Bahr Aluloom (Iraq) Chair of Fourth Committee

(Based on information provided by the Protocol and Liaison Service)

The Fourth Committee (Special Political and Decolonization) elected Mohammed Hussein Bahr Aluloom (Iraq) as its Chair on 4 June.  (See Press Release GA/12149.)

Before his appointment as Permanent Representative in 2017, Mr. Aluloom headed the Department of the Americas in Iraq’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs beginning in 2016.  He served as Ambassador to Kuwait from 2010 to 2016.

After joining the Foreign Ministry in 2009 with the rank of Ambassador, Mr. Aluloom headed several departments and was a key participant in reviewing and restructuring ministry policies.  He was also an adviser to the Iraqi Transitional Council in 2004 and the Iraqi Governing Council in 2003.

Mr. Aluloom has 35 years of experience in engineering, telecommunications and media and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics from the University of Technology in Baghdad, as well as a master’s degree in digital systems from Brunel University in London.

Born on 20 April 1958, he is married and has four children.


*     This supersedes Press Release BIO/5034 of 29 September 2017.

For information media. Not an official record.