United Nations Forum on Forests

United Nations Forum on Forests

15 May 2015

The Forum on Forests approved a wide-ranging omnibus resolution this evening, which would have the Economic and Social Council extend until 2030 the International Arrangement of actors involved in the management, conservation and sustainable development of the world’s woodlands, and lay out — for the first time — the main objectives of such work for the coming decades.

14 May 2015

Capping two days of high-level debate, ministers in the Forum on Forests today pledged to promote the significance of forests in the post-2015 development agenda, reaffirming that the sustainable management of the world’s woodlands was vital to addressing other global challenges — from poverty eradication and economic growth to food security, gender equality and climate change.

13 May 2015

A global arrangement on forests, bolstered by credible financing and means for monitoring and implementation, would help Governments and local communities  tackle the illegal timber trade and economic activities that were eroding one of the world’s most valuable resources, ministers in the Forum on Forests said today, as they debated how to revise the normative framework guiding such decisions. 

6 May 2015

The Chair of the United Nations Forum on Forests today described the contours of the draft ministerial declaration and draft resolution that the policy body planned to send to the Economic and Social Council for adoption, following the close of its eleventh session on 15 May. 

5 May 2015

The nine major groups participating in the United Nations Forum on Forests had an essential role to play in translating international policy decisions into local activities for sustainably managing the world’s woodlands, speakers stressed today, with some advocating the creation of a body that elevated the many different voices of civil society.

4 May 2015

With 1.6 billion people depending on forests for food, fuel, shelter and income, now was the time to strengthen the global political commitment to sustainably manage one of the planet’s most cherished resources, top United Nations officials stressed today, as the United Nations Forum on Forests opened its eleventh session.