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COVID-19 is unlikely to leave Africa unscathed

The African continent’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has provided valuable lessons for the rest of the world in meeting this challenge. 

We need to take action to address the mental health crisis in this pandemic

The COVID-19 virus is not only attacking our physical health; it is also increasing psychological suffering.

via: Time

The pandemic is exposing and exploiting inequalities of all kinds, including gender inequality

In an opinion piece published in various newspapers around the world, UN Secretary-General António Guterres warns that the COVID-19 pandemic is not only challenging global health systems, but it also challenges our commitment to equality and human dignity.  In this piece, the UN Chief emphasizes that women’s interests and rights should be front and centre to benefit everyone.

A time to save the sick and rescue the planet

The Covid-19 pandemic is the biggest test the world has faced since World War II.

Recovery from the coronavirus crisis must lead to a better world

Only by coming together will the world be able to face down the Covid-19 pandemic and its shattering consequences.

COVID-19: we will come through this together

The upheaval caused by the coronavirus – COVID-19 -- is all around us.  And I know many are anxious, worried and confused.  That’s absolutely natural.

The gender power gap

Gender inequality is the overwhelming injustice of our age and the biggest human rights challenge we face. But gender equality offers solutions to some of the most intractable problems of our age.

Progress toward sustainable development is seriously off-track

People around the world are taking to the streets to protest against rising living costs and real or perceived injustice. They feel the economy is not working for them — and in some cases, they are right.