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International Day of Peace, September 21

Secretary-General's 100-day Countdown Message

13 June 2015

Every year on the International Day of Peace, the United Nations calls on the people of the world to reaffirm their commitment to living in harmony as members of a single human family.

This year’s commemoration, “Partnerships for Peace -- Dignity for All”, highlights the importance of cooperation in silencing the guns and advancing the cause. Without the support of governments, civil society, the private sector, faith-based groups and non-governmental organizations, peace will remain elusive.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the United Nations as well as a transition to a new global sustainable development agenda and meaningful action on climate change. 

Over the next 100 days, let us stand with the millions of people across the world who are suffering the devastating impact of violence and conflict. Let us share ideas and plans for helping and supporting them in their time of dire need.

Together, as “partners for peace”, we can achieve a world of peace, prosperity and dignity for all.

Ban Ki-moon


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